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Perpetual Energy Wheel

Perpetual Energy Wheel

Postby vikram_gupta11 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:36 am

This Idea is based on Magnetic Repulsion and Kinetic force.

According to diagram there will be a Wheel and a magnet(1) will be attached with this wheel. There will be a balance system(seesaw system) and two magnets(2no.magnet and 3no. magnet) will be attached with this balance system .

when 1 magnet will repel 2 no.magnet then the 2 no.magnet will move upward and due to this movement the 3 no. magnet will come down and will work to repel 1 no. magnet and wheel will start to rotate.
when 1 no. magnet will again repel 2 no.magnet after a rotation then the 3 no. magnet will again work to repel the 1 no.magnet.
THE weight of magnets of balance system will be equal.
In this way the wheel will rotate again and again.The magnetic strength of 1 no. magnet will be high than 2 no. and magnetic strength of 3 no. magnet will be high than 1 no. magnet. The weight of 2 no. magnet and 3 no. magnet will be equal.
Please do some work and research before any comment.
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Re: Perpetual Energy Wheel

Postby wlminex » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:30 pm

IMO, This experimental set-up, once set into motion (presumably by an external kinetic initiator/source) will eventually achieve an equilibrium state and rotational movement will eventually cease without further energy input (addition of kinetic energy). While the "appearance"of perpetual motion may be observed, there will most likely be a less apparent kinetic energy process involved that may not be realized by the experiment operator - perhaps as inobtrusive as the earth's rotation (e.g., similar to Foucault pendulum?).
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence
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