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Eric Weinstein, Geometric Unity

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Eric Weinstein, Geometric Unity

Postby Farsight » Sat May 25, 2013 9:31 am

I was reading Woit's blog, where he was talking about a mathematician he knows called Eric Weinstein:

Peter Woit wrote:Eric Weinstein is a Harvard math Ph. D. who has been working as an economist here in New York for many years, and someone I’ve often enjoyed talking to over the years. Going back to his days as a graduate student, he has been working on some of his own far out of the mainstream ideas about geometry and physics...

There's no detail, and when I saw "fourteen dimensions" and "observerse", I thought yeah right. But then I followed this link kindly provided by "nuclear hobbit". Do a find on Weinstein or scroll down a lot to see what Weinstein says:

Eric Weinstein wrote:...The story of the geometric quantum begins at some point around 1973-1974, when our consensus picture of fundamental particle theory stopped advancing. This stasis, known as the 'Standard Model', seemed initially like little more than a temporary resting spot on the relentless path towards progress in fundamental physics, and theorists of the era wasted little time proposing new theories in the expectation that they would be quickly confirmed by experimentalists looking for novel phenomena. But that expected entry into the promised land of new physics turned into a 40-year period of half-mad tribal wandering in an arid desert, all but devoid of new phenomena...

...In short, most physicists were trying and failing to quantize Einstein's geometric theory of gravity because they were first meant to go in the opposite and less glamorous direction of geometrizing the quantum instead...

...Isadore Singer of MIT took these results from Stony Brook to his collaborator Michael Atiyah in Oxford where their research with Nigel Hitchin began a geometric renaissance in physics inspired geometry that continues to this day..."

I recognise this. I'm into "Einstein's geometrical dream". Michael Atiyah was talking to Qiu-Hong Hu at ABB50/25 about TQFT and the geometry of the electron. Check out Percy Hammond and The Geometry of Electromagnetic Systems. I know physicists who struggle for years to get their papers into a high-impact journal, and struggle to get any media publicity. I know why a guy like Weinstein is coming out of left field and circumventing "peer review". So I say this:

Pay attention to this Weinstein thing. If you hear him being bad-mouthed, look carefully and see if it's fair criticism or just mud-slinging ad-hominems. And if somebody points out something he says that's undeniably wrong, don't be tempted to dismiss everything else he says.
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Re: Eric Weinstein, Geometric Unity

Postby 7even6ix2wo » Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:37 am

For a broad overview of the theory's development an features see The Truth About Geometic Unity

Geometric Unity is outlined in these three papers:

A new approach to time unifies QM and GR. Einstein's equations and the fine structure constant are derived from one simple geometric principle. Tempus Edax Rerum

A new 14D cosmological model is developed. A flaw in the ADM positive definiteness theorem is identified and a major outstanding issue in Kaluza theory is resolved. Geometric Cosmology

The new theory predicts the structure of the standard model. A unique experimental prediction is derived. Quantum Structure
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Re: Eric Weinstein, Geometric Unity

Postby Farsight » Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:37 pm

This looks interesting. But what's with the acknowledgement?

The author wishes to recognize octopi for keeping it
real in the ocean. The author wishes to thank Sheriff
XXXX for not putting the fungicide in his cattle feed.
His help was invaluable. We express gratitude to Captain
Pickard for making the LSD that spurred this inquiry.
**** the system.
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Re: Eric Weinstein, Geometric Unity

Postby myusersname » Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:48 am

Ha ha! Thanks for pointing that out!
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